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We are an all-in-one compliance toolbox, providing you with everything you need to achieve best practice. When your procedures are correct and as effective as possible, your business can soar to new heights.

Every member of our team is passionate about helping your company succeed, from our mentors and consultants to our auditors and software engineers. Our unique management system and comprehensive range of training tools are designed for one core purpose: to keep your business safe and efficient.

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Get Safe Training

Training provided in your workplace, specialising in remote locations, partner with the RTO to train the way you want.

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RTO Validation

Understand your obligations and satisfy all your compliance requirements.

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My Safety Search

Access a comprehensive library containing thousands of training tools, from tutorial videos and safety forms to risk assessments.

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MyHSEQ Safety Management Systems

Manage your quality, environmental and safety procedures from one convenient and intuitive system.

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PQC Management Systems

Smoothly integrate certified safety management systems into your workplace.

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Asbestos Removal Equipment

Safely handle asbestos with removal equipment designed for industry professionals.

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Take advantage of simple yet comprehensive online induction systems for your workers and contractors.

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Personality Profiles

Discover what makes you and your workers tick so you can work smarter rather than harder.

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