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Personality Profiles

Discover what makes you and your workers tick so you can work smarter rather than harder.

Through some simple questionnaires, you can gain a rich understanding of who your workers are and what motivates them to do their best. These personality insights will help you form cohesive teams while taking advantage of each individual’s unique strengths. You can also use this knowledge to drive and reward your workers more effectively – after all, a happy workforce is a productive workforce!

Created by Des Hunt, "What Makes People Tick" is a range of highly effective and simple to use personal and professional development materials which uses bird symbols to explain and understand human nature and behaviour.

These materials have been used for over twenty years by people around the world including trainers, consultants, coaches, counsellors, managers, teachers and others who need to have a better understanding of themselves as well as those they are trying to teach, communicate to, motivate, persuade, influence or to simply live with.

Some of the many applications for the What Makes People Tick materials are:

  • Sales Training
  • Personal Coaching
  • Leadership Training
  • Communication Training
  • Conflict resolution
  • Customer service training

The Bird Profiles are based on 4 different personality types -

  • Peacock (Motivated by Popularity and Applause). Wants to be recognised, thanked and applauded for who they are and what they can do.  Wants to be the centre of attention.
  • Dove (Motivated by the Security of Belonging).  Wants to be a supportive part of a group.  Wants to be appreciated as an important member of the team.  Wants friendship and approval.  Wants to be loved.
  • Owl (Motivated by the Security of facts and systems). Wants to work and live within structures and laid down procedures.  Wants to be right.
  • Eagle (Motivated by Authority and Power).  Wants to have the control and the freedom to get results.  Wants to be the boss.

Classic Personality Profile

  • This Questionnaire can provide you with understanding of your personality type. If you answer the questions honestly you will receive a PDF report, giving you a better understanding of yourself.

  • This report will be a 6-8 page document.

Classic Job Fit Profile

  • If you answer the questions honestly you will receive a PDF report, giving you a better understanding of yourself and the working environments that you could be suited.

  • This report will be a 6-8 page document.

Premium Personality Profile

  • The Premium Personality Profile Questionnaire is a far more detailed Profiling Tool, which will provide you with a 'workbook type' report for you to read. It will provide an understanding of your personality type as well as sections of interacting with others in many different situations.
  • This report will be a 25-30 page document.